We make foundations for energy and grid infrastructure more sustainable, efficient and economical.

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Four years ago, we started with a great deal of passion, will and ambition. Our goal: revolutionize the world of wind power. Today, we know that we can offer a lot more value for other industries, too. So, we slightly redefined our path, as we develop precast foundations for towers.

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Our goal

Wind turbines are static masterpieces. Most of the loads rest on a relatively narrow tower hundreds of meters above the ground, the turbines or rotor blades move and the entire tower vibrates. Mobile radio towers and overhead line towers for electricity also require foundations. They also carry a large part of the load at the highest end of the tower. Nevertheless, the heights, loads, and thus foundation requirements are not as immense as for wind turbines. For all these tower structures, cast-in-place concrete foundations are used almost exclusively nowadays. We want to change that, because cast-in-place concrete foundations cost time, money, nerves and cause large amounts of CO₂. Our precast concrete foundations for tower buildings are efficient, economical, sustainable and audited. See for yourself.

Where do we come from?

In 2017, Anker Foundations GmbH was founded with the vision of developing production-ready technologies that make wind power projects worldwide more sustainable, environmentally friendly and profitable. Since then, our full attention has been focused on wind turbine foundations.

Our unique technology allows us to pre-produce under controlled conditions, save enormous concrete masses, deliver by standard truck, and significantly reduce site processes, construction times, and soil sealing – all at competitive prices. In addition, our foundations are certified according to international standard IEC 64100.

This may sound a lot like “too good to be true” at first, but in 2019, the first wind turbine (Enercon E-115) was put into operation, standing on one of our precast foundations. Since then, we have received and implemented many more orders. Our first own plant in Port Mukran on the island of Rügen will start in-house production of Anker precast foundations before the end of 2021. And we have since discovered that our foundation technology also has major advantages for cell phone towers and overhead line masts.

We enable the most efficient & sustainable energy supply worldwide for the generations of today, tomorrow & the day after tomorrow.
Smart & Green Anker Foundations delivers the most sustainable, economical & efficient precast foundations for wind turbines to almost any place in the world.
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