Anker foundations enters the US: SIS GROUP as exclusive licensee

German-based engineering company Anker Foundations GmbH enters into Exclusive Licensing Agreement with the US-based SIS Group LLC, that expands with with a wind turbine concrete foundation division.

(Durham, North Carolina, USA, July 28, )

SIS Group LLC, a Durham, North Carolina-based supplier of precast concrete products, today announced the firm entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Anker Foundations GmbH, a leading international engineering company that develops certified resource-saving precast foundations for a broad spectrum of towers. Anker USA LLC is the fifth wholly owned subsidiary of SIS Group.

“These innovative precast foundations are a superior alternative to cast-in-place foundations used currently in the US,” said James P. Johnson, CEO of SIS Group. “SIS is poised to provide best-in-class precast concrete foundation solutions for the growing demand for towers, including cell and overhead High Voltage Line towers, as well as wind turbines, both onshore and offshore.”

Since 2017, Anker Foundations GmbH has been developing precast foundations for wind turbines and were first to develop and build a foundation for a wind turbine that consists of 100% precast concrete elements. It is certified according to international standards and can be erected at lower costs than comparable in-situ foundations, as well as can be installed within a few days.

“With our track record across Europe and our understanding of the expanded need for primarily cell towers and wind turbines in the US, we believe this is a critical strategy in Anker’s growth internationally,” said Anker Chief Operating Officer Christoph Schwenzer. “Partnered with the superb quality assurance that SIS delivers, Anker USA will provide the most sustainable and economical solution for precast foundations.”

Clients provide site-specific wind and geotechnical data of their project which is reviewed and developed into modular foundation designs by the engineering staff of Anker Foundations GmbH in Germany. These extensive instructions are provided to Anker USA for local manufacture in its new facility.

There are currently 56,000 onshore wind turbines in the U.S. with annual average demand for installation of 8,500 turbines. Through a Supply Agreement with Anker Foundations GmbH, SIS will provide no less than 2,500 precast foundations per year for onshore sites by year 2024.