Are you joining the foundation construction revolution?

Who are we?

We are a team, full of different people. Everyone brings different experiences, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. There is no such thing as “I can’t”. We are all united by a strong drive and the conviction that we can improve the world. It is not without reason that our vision is:
to develop the most economical, efficient and sustainable precast foundations for tower systems.

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What awaits you


Concrete = sand + cement + water

It sounds so simple and so boring. We work with concrete every day. A gray, cold material that appears sober and arouses little emotion. It gets even “worse”: we construct foundations. No particular aesthetic demands are made on these, as they are usually completely covered with earth and you can only guess at them from the outside, as a tower or pole marks their location.

And yet concrete is one of the most elementary building materials in the modern construction industry. Without foundations, there would be no wind turbine, no mobile phone tower, no overhead line mast, no single-family house, no supermarket. Our modern infrastructure would not exist. Foundations, however, have always received little attention. They are the necessary evil without which nothing works and which simply costs a lot of time and money.

We dedicate a whole company, our working time and energy to foundations. Because we Ankerans think that foundations deserve much more attention. After all, almost everything (material) that we have and need is based on them. We optimize foundations with regard to minimal material usage, maximum scalability and user-friendliness, as well as possible reusability.

Does this sound exciting to you? Then we are looking forward to your application!

Our culture


Why start with us?

Just in Corona-Pandemic was our biggest growth and that was despite the fact that some of us only saw each other once in the real world. So what makes working with us so special?
  • Steep learning curve in a young company
  • Hands-On mentality
  • Active participation in the development of a new technology
  • Intensive onboarding, mentoring and development opportunities
Our company is like a big family of colorful individuals who harmonize wonderfully together as a team. We celebrate our successes together. We value the strengths, weaknesses, experience and knowledge of each individual team member. Every Ankeran is important to ANKER and makes us the company WE are.
We all think like entrepreneurs, roll up our sleeves, "do" and always give our best. This also includes empowering colleagues and giving them responsibility so that they can develop further. We take responsibility for our actions and are convinced that anything is possible.
We value every colleague, treat each other with respect, are reliable, authentic and can all laugh at ourselves (which, by the way, makes us all so likeable). Our strongest growth was during the Corona pandemic: at the end of 2020, we were still 4 colleagues, but by mid-2021 we were already 14. Some of us have never seen each other in real life, but so far that hasn't slowed down our flow.
Since anything is possible in our views, we work to find ways to make it a reality. On the way to a solution, it happens that you face obstacles or get lost. That's no big deal with us: we help each other, we listen beyond our area of responsibility, and when mistakes happen, we work to make sure they don't happen again. Thinking outside the box often inspires you to choose your own path.
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