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The precast foundation for cell towers

Cell towers are on everyone’s lips these days. Network coverage in Europe still leaves a lot to be desired. However, this is expected to change in the next few years, so that more and more cell towers are being built. Read more about our precast foundations for cell towers here: > technology  and  > benefits.

Foundation structure


Why precast foundations?

When planning a cell tower, defining the location and obtaining the building permit are already very time-consuming tasks. The third step, which regularly costs a lot of time, money and nerves, is the construction of the cast-in-place concrete foundation. This is because, just as with wind turbines, cast-in-place concrete foundations are generally planned for cell towers today.

Our precast foundations can be easily erected on almost any subsoil within a few hours, removed again without leaving any residue and even reused elsewhere. This saves time, nerves and direct as well as indirect costs for the foundation.

Simple preparation

The excavation pit for construction sites with our precast foundations only needs to have a straight stripped soil and a gravel layer. This means that the preparations are already complete.

The precast elements are delivered by standard trucks and placed in the appropriate locations with the help of a small crane. The foundation is installed within a few hours.

Simple assembly

Here, too, we try to make it as simple as possible. Neither does the setup team need any special expertise or training, nor do we have any special requirements for machines, processes or tools.

Easy startup

The precast foundation can be erected within a few hours. Subsequently, the tower including the plant can be assembled. With a cast-in-place concrete foundation, there is a minimum curing time of 28 days between foundation casting and tower installation. The complete project with one of our precast foundations, from preparation of the excavation to commissioning of the plant, can therefore be completed within a few days.

Dismantling is just as easy: the plant and tower are dismantled and the precast foundation is again disassembled into its single parts. The foundation can then either be used at a new project site or recycled.

We fulfill your expectations



Within a few hours and in almost any weather, our precast foundations can be installed. Site processes are optimized and there are no special fasteners or qualifications of the installation team to consider.


The minimized use of materials, the low costs for erection and dismantling and, last but not least, the fact that there is no need for heavy transport, are reflected in the price - both in the short and long term.


Up to 70% less concrete, also the elimination of cast-in-place concrete and a blinding layer and thus of soil sealing, as well as the easy deconstructability make our precast foundations sustainable and resource-saving.


The elements of our foundations are pre-produced under controlled conditions and leave our halls only after strict quality testing. We also have the type testing done (e.g. by TÜV Nord) so that the foundations can be mass produced and used.

Our foundations are



Short construction time

Within a few hours, our precast foundations are installed and erection of the cell tower can begin. A cast-in-place concrete foundation needs 28 days to cure even after the concrete has been poured before construction of the tower can begin. This time is not required for our foundations.

Simple connection

No special requirements are placed on the construction site team, nor on machines, work equipment or processes. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved. This not only saves costs, but also nerves and time.

Reduced site processes

Delivery is carried out by a few standard trucks, the precast foundation takes only a few hours to install and is done with normal construction machinery that can be found on every cell tower construction site anyway. So there are no special coordination efforts for delivery and erection of the foundation.

Weather independent

Extreme temperatures, weather or solar radiation affects the start, duration, cost and quality of the construction of cast-in-place concrete foundations. Since we prefabricate our foundations in single parts under optimal conditions and subject them to thorough quality control before delivery, they can be installed in almost any weather.

Our foundations are



No cast-in-place concrete

Cast-in-place concrete must cure for at least 28 days before it is fully “loadable”. Thus, a construction site where cast-in-place concrete is used always takes at least 28 days. And every day of a construction site costs time, nerves and money. Apart from that, cast-in-place concrete is not available everywhere internationally at competitive prices. So by moving the curing time of the foundation parts to our factory, you save about 4 weeks of construction site time.

Lower dismantling costs

If a cell tower is to be dismantled for whatever reason, the foundation is regularly a problem factor. Precast foundations can be dismantled as easily as they were installed, and without leaving any residue. You can even rebuild our precast foundation elsewhere. If you don’t want to reuse it, you also save on disposal costs because we use less material from the start.

Low material usage

In the meantime, we have already been able to reduce the use of concrete for our precast foundations by up to approx. 70% compared to conventional cast-in-place concrete foundations. This is possible simply due to our type of construction.

Few standard trucks

A few standard trucks deliver the individual parts of our precast foundations to the construction site. This is done within a few hours, as is the erection. The coordination effort, as well as the nuisance to the environment are thus reduced to an absolute minimum.

Our foundations are



Up to 70% less & no cast-in-place concrete

For years, we have been developing and optimizing the design of foundations for wind turbines. Now we have succeeded in applying this experience to the development of foundations for cell towers and reducing the consumption of concrete by approx. 70% compared to cast-in-place concrete foundations.

Deconstructable & reusable

Just as easy as the construction was, is also the residue-free dismantling of ANKER precast foundations for cell towers. The individual parts of the foundation can simply be lifted out of the foundation excavation with a small crane and loaded onto standard trucks. There is no need for particularly time-consuming and cost-intensive removal or blasting as with cast-in-place concrete foundations.

No blinding layer

Our foundations can best be placed directly on the levelled excavation pit. The omission of this blinding layer, which must be used for cast-in-place concrete foundations, reduces soil sealing and at the same time avoids unnecessary costs. This further reduces the carbon footprint of a cell tower.

Less CO₂ load

At approx. 8%, concrete is one of the strongest drivers of global CO₂ emissions. Since we pay attention to minimizing the use of concrete in our foundations from the outset, each foundation at our company saves approx. 70% CO₂ emissions through the use of materials alone.

Our foundations are



Precise dimensional production ex works

Cast-in-place concrete foundations must be regularly repaired or rehabilitated immediately after construction or even during operation. By producing our foundations in a precast concrete plant, we achieve maximum quality. The individual parts of our foundations are assembled on site and only have to be aligned precisely. Quality inspection is already carried out at the plant. This means that your construction site can be planned much better than with a cast-in-place concrete foundation.


Certified quality assurance processes in accordance with ISO 9001, together with experienced personnel in our precast plant, ensure that every foundation delivered meets the highest quality standards.

In contrast to cast-in-place concrete foundations, we can thus guarantee test-proof construction.


Obviously, our precast foundations for cell towers have been type-approved, e.g. by TÜV Nord, and are therefore just as reliable and effective as cast-in-place concrete foundations.