20 years of experience in the wind power industry.


Smart & Green Anker Foundations GmbH is still a relatively young company. The majority of our colleagues have been working in the wind power industry for many years. All of them bring individual expertise, experience and skills to the table.

At ANKER, we are all united by one thing: We want to make energy production based on wind power even greener, more efficient and more economical. 

Innovation, integrity and teamwork guide us in our daily work. Reliability, responsible action and continuous development are the key pillars of our work.




Towards the end of 2017, Gregor Prass founded the "Universelle Fertigteil Fundamente GmbH" (short: UFF) with the vision to develop technologies that help to realize wind power projects worldwide in a more environmentally friendly, resource-saving and cost-effective way. At that time, the company consisted of three people: Gregor Prass, Christoph Schriefer and Valentin Kühn. The first patents were also registered in this year.


The first order

The year after founding started with developments and patent applications in the field of "precast foundations for wind turbines". It did not long for a first order: our three-member team at that time calculated a precast foundation for an Enercon E-115 with 149 m hub height, which was built in Germany.


The first foundation is ready

The order from the previous year was put into action in 2019: Certification, construction and commissioning of the prototype foundation for the Enercon E-115 with 149 m hub height. This foundation consists for the most part of precast elements. Unfortunately, we still needed a minimal amount of cast-in-place concrete for this foundation at that time.

This year, the engineering team developed other precast foundations for various wind turbines and optimized the existing technology. This is because the aspiration of our engineering team was that no more cast-in-place concrete at all should be needed for the foundations.


Only concrete precast elements

In 2020, our engineers worked out a solution for dispensing with the last part of cast-in-place concrete for the foundations. At the end of 2020, construction of the first foundation made entirely of precast elements began. This was certified by TÜV Nord and erected under 5 modern wind turbines of the type Enercon E-126 in Germany.

The company has since been renamed to "Anker Foundations GmbH". Since the course was set on growth, Christoph Schwenzer was brought into the team as Chief Operating Officer. Thus, Anker Foundations consisted of four employees at the end of 2020.



At the beginning of 2021, several things happened at the same time. The demand is so strong that we started looking for a production site faster than planned. The first precast foundation is scheduled to leave our own production halls this year.

Business activities were expanded to include the market of precast foundations for cell towers and overhead line towers. This was because previously unimagined intersections with the needs of the mobile communications and electricity industries emerged.

This rapid development also had an impact on internal structures. The number of colleagues tripled to 12 in the first half of the year alone.


Production in high gear

Production capacities are constantly being expanded. At our German plant site alone, we can produce up to 400 foundations per year. At the same time, the licensing business with our partner SIS Group LLC in the USA is starting and we are evaluating the potential of further partnerships. We look forward to receiving orders for and implementing many precast foundations, which will help to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions for wind turbines, cell towers, and overhead line towers, substantially shorten project lead times, significantly streamline construction site processes, and lower overall project costs.ZUKUNFT