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We revolutionize foundation engineering for wind turbines, cell and transmission towers.

Anker Foundations

A world-class team of engineers with 20 years of experience in the international wind energy industry that develops resource-saving precast foundations for all kind of towers.

“Rethinking” a trusted system


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Foundations made of precast elements

Typically, foundations for wind turbines, cell and (power) transmission towers are built on site using cast-in-place concrete. However, this has many disadvantages, which can be remedied by using pre-fabricated foundation elements.

For example, cast-in-place concrete is considerably more expensive in many locations than in Central Europe and represents a significant cost factor. Furthermore, cast-in-place concrete can only be processed with a great deal of effort and resulting high costs in case of very high or very low temperatures (such as in Scandinavia or Australia). In addition to this, cast-in-place concrete foundations need to set hard for at least 28 days before the tower erection can start.

Our precast foundations use less concrete, are produced industrially under controlled and consistent environmental conditions, can be installed on the construction site regardless of weather and temperature and do not need to set hard on site. Thus, the tower can be erected immediately after the foundation works have been completed.

ANKER precast foundations help you save money, nerves and time for your projects.

20 years of experience

Our engineering team has more than 20 years of experience in the development and certification of foundations for wind turbines.

Wind turbines pose particular challenges for the development of foundations. The loads that wind turbine foundations have to withstand are enormous and cannot be compared to those of other constructions. Accordingly, the development of efficient foundations for wind turbines is the Champions League of foundation engineering.

Since 2017, Anker Foundations has been developing precast foundations for wind turbines. As the first company in the world, Anker Foundations has succeeded in developing and building a foundation for a wind turbine that consists of 100% precast concrete elements, is certified according to international standards by TÜV Nord and can be erected at lower costs at most locations than comparable cast-in-place foundations.

In 2020, we started to transfer our knowledge in the field of precast foundations for wind turbines to foundations for cell and transmission towers. The result is a revolutionary foundation that can be installed within a few hours and offered at attractive conditions.

Anker Foundations Fertigteil-Fundament - Verbindungen
Anker Foundations Fertigteil-Fundament - Rippenelemente / Fundament
Anker Foundations Fertigteil-Fundament - Rippenelemente

Our precast foundations




When building foundations with cast-in-place concrete, heat & cold are the biggest challenges. To overcome these, night work or the addition of chemicals becomes necessary. With precast foundations, these challenges do not exist.​

Henrik Eckersberg, WP Ingenieurbau

At first, we thought it all sounded too good to be true. But the precast foundations exceeded our expectations in every way.​

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